Welcome to the ROBLOX Scripting WIKI

This WIKI is for the best ROBLOXian scripters. Please note that these scripting techniques are sometimes even harder for me to understand, so, if you cannot script, or if you script HORRIBLY (No offense), then this is the wrong WIKI to look at. Perhaps you might want to start with: But, if you CAN script professionally, or even script better than newbies, you might want to take a look at this WIKI. This ROBLOX Scripting WIKI also covers some of the games that the ROBLOX Scripting Foundation has released, going over tutorials, and telling you all about what's in it, and what kind of scripting it contains.

§The ROBLOX Scripting WIKI RULES§Edit

This WIKI is all about having fun, learning, and showing off your SICK SCRIPTING SKILLS! No obscene, or profane comments will be allowed. I do not want any PROFANITIES in this WIKI. I don't care if you swear at home, just don't do it HERE! If you would like to add something, please join, and ASK ME TO LET YOU EDIT STUFF! You will only be allowed to edit ONE SECTION AT A TIME! Those are basically the rules for RIGHT NOW! They will be updated about every week or so, so just because I didn't put down a rule yet doesn't mean it has to be followed. Do NOT give me any stuff like... "But.... OMG RULES ARE ME@NT TO BE BROKEN!" Or... "@#*$&" Because that isn't tolerated EITHER....

Lero456 18:01, June 18, 2010 (UTC)


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